Guangdong Sising Intelligence Toys Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Sising"), headquartered in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, mainly focus on the Chinese Toy Market, expand the international market. It found two wholly owned subsidiary, Far Out Toys (HK) Co., Ltd. and Far Out Toys Inc., to keep pace with developing the United States and the international market.


Sising has intelligence design and technological innovation strength of nearly 30 years’ well-research and development, rich experience to create a variety of high intelligence electronic toys products. It also owned one-billion-yuan worth of ultra-large international production base which has more than 5,000 production teams, 800+ professional domestic and foreign management teams and over 200 R&D design and sales elite groups, always focus on research and develop, produce high quality toys with science and technology, intelligence and interesting base on the advanced toys design ideas and innovation toys development capabilities.


In order to strengthen the original R & D capabilities and expand our team, Sising also hired the US high-end designers team to elaborate research and development and design more creative, more high-tech electronic toys by their international perspective.


In the future, Sising will be combined with the animation to establish an operation mode of whole industrial chain, fashion into a successful impression of the IP and market through leading in animation culture which can be in line with financial convergence (cultural industry + real economy) to be the expansion market of whole industrial chain. It will be fully covered to animation manufacturing, product design, media communications, brand licensing, production and marketing of derivatives and other full-scale operation.